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Both Quintin & Robyn Zimmmermann hold rights of appearance for the Higher Courts. Our litigation practice involves both the higher and lower courts and is consumer-centric. We alson asssess potential damages and or counterclaims you may have against your credit provider or bank.   We are proficient in class action procedure. WE DO NOT ACT FOR CREDIT PROVIDERS OR BANKS. We act exclusively for YOU.

All National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act Applications including Debt Review and Reckless Lending Applications. We specialise in Defending and bring actions and applications against credit providers especially banking institutions including conveyancing related thereto. We also assist in all commission, regulator or tribunal referals where required . WE PROTECT CONSUMERS IN ALL MONEY AND PROPERTY RELATED MATTERS.

All debt proofing solutions ensuring a better reality for all our consumers including Debt Review, Legal Rescheduling, Administrations, voluntary arrangements and Insolvency matters. We guide you to the best solution suited to your situation.  All these solutions ensure that the interest, costs and insurances levied on your account never exceeds your capital balance. Forensically we ensure your bank does not debit your account with unlawful entries. We provide and guarantee optional asset protection with all our products.


We are experienced conveyancers exclusively available to SELLERS & PURCHASERS only. Our experience in dealing with BANK PANEL conveyancing ensures that your bond is correctly adminsistered to cancellation without the banks conveyancers attempting to add additional ulawful debatement for eg legal Charges. We ensure that your estate agents perform their work efficiently and effectively, while protecting you exclusively while administering your transaction.  We also specialise in traditional and synthetic securitisation queries.

We are profient in applications interdicting trigger happy foreclosure attorneys from Selling your property and will aid you to chose the best path through your legal storm.  We share with you our wisdom experience and network to ensure that your chosen path provides you with the best possible financial outcome. We understand however that decisions regarding your home is an emotional one and we will support you in reaching a slution that will be best both emotionally and financially for your family.  After All, the consitution protects your right to adequate housing and we ensure your credit providers and the courts take cogniscance of this.

The Director responsible for this department is Quintin Zimmermann who is a registered expert in this field.  We are experienced in trust debt review matters as well as estate planning.  We ensure each of our clients have an updated will ensuring that the executor is NOT as is usually the case a bank who also has a claim against the estate.  With LiDDLES as your executor you can take comfort in the fact that we will look after your estate and your family and protect them from Vultures seeking to steamroll deductions against your loved ones estate.