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Learn more about our Directors, the attorneys who will care for your matter and succeed in securing the best possible solution for you 



At LiDDLE’s our experience ensures your circumstances creates the Perfect Storm in which  Justice rains Dignity where the vulnerable are Shielded from harm as we provide Shelter ensuring a Fair Fight for both Rich and Poor that entitles everyone to Build a Better Reality under the Umbrella of our wisdom, insight and experience.                       




Quintin Zimmermann, previously a Director of Zimmermanns Inc and Robyn Liddle - Zimmermann previously a director of the now Balsillies Strauss Daley Inc  and Velile Tinto Cape Inc started this Law Firm in September 2009. Both being attorneys representing the Banks previously, we experienced a crisis of concscience and started our new consumer-centric legal practice, specialising in "YOU".


We DECIDED not to represent banks, credit providers or any big corporate interests as this detracts from our vision, creates a conflict of interest and compromises our ability to represent you effectively.  Consumers need to realise that their interests need to be solely protected in every aspect of our law including conveyancing and litigation.  USE your right to chose and do not be influenced by banks or estate agents to use a certain attorney.  This is your right.  USE YOUR VOICE!  Our encouragement and education of consumers to realise their rights does not make us very popular amongst conglomerates because they always wish to ensure their interests are protected at the expense of yours.  Fortunately for YOU they are not our business. Our exclusive legal practice specialises in "YOU".





Robyn Liddle Zimmermann is a conveyancer, mediator, liquidator and attorney with certified rights of appearance in the High Court with 15 years experience in litigation and conveyancing.  Robyn has been a conveyancer for all the major banks and has experience dealing with ALL Panel conveyancing issues viz, transfers bonds cancellations subdivisions township registrations and developments.  It is with this knowledge that Robyn has compiled various products for the consumer to ensure the successful implementation of any debt arrangements and also to ensure that the consumers assests remain protected and in their own possession even when they are in arrears with their vehicle accounts and homes.  Please click hereunder for links to the various product that we have created for the consumer to discover what best suits your needs.




Quintin Zimmermann is a conveyancer and expert estate attorney with certified rights of appearance in the High Court with 15 years experience in litigation and commercial work dealing with major contracts and escrows.  He is an experienced High Court Arguer winning many victories for consumers. Quintin ensures that when our consumers rely on a product developed here at LiDDLES, the courts are convinced that the consumers remain under our protection and the credit providers are defeated in their attempt to intimidate our consumers. Click hereunder to se articles about the Directors and judgments argued by Quintin Zimmermann .





At LiDDLES we provide an array of services and for a complete description of the Attorneys experiences and services please link to our company prospectus below.